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Windlesham Village Infant School

Windlesham Village Infant School

Our Vision and Values


Futures are created where learning begins

We champion the small school. We nurture our children and value
  • Active learning
  • Outdoor learning
  • Diversity
  • Our team spirit
  • Our community spirit
We want our children to be:
  • Resilient and confident
  • Independent
  • Engaged and motivated
  • Curious
  • Tolerant and caring
  • Happy


At Windlesham Village Infant School we provide a values-based education for the children. We work on developing principles that guide children’s positive attitudes and behaviour, which will, in turn, support them in becoming citizens and develop them into self-disciplined, active learners.  Ultimately, we are laying the foundations so that we support our pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and values they will need to function effectively as global, national and local citizens. The values we promote are: Respect; Friendship; Happiness; Courage; Cooperation; Appreciation 

We promote 6 key values in school and focus on one each half-term. This means that for every year that the children are at our school, each child is introduced to and gets an understanding of, the core values that will set them up for life. These values live through the behaviours that we encourage and that the staff model at school. We bring them to life through weekly assemblies and learning activities to help the children understand and demonstrate these values. Children who show us that they understand and demonstrate these values well are rewarded with recognition certificates as part of our Celebration Assemblies. 


We show respect by…

  • doing nice things for other people
  • playing nicely and being kind to one another
  • thanking others and remembering our manners
  • helping others
  • treating people kindly and fairly
  • listening to others and not interrupting
  • looking after things that don’t belong to us
  • sharing things
  • treating others how you would like to be treated
  • asking before borrowing.