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Windlesham Village Infant School

Windlesham Village Infant School

School Tours

We offer group tours of our school during the school day so that you can see us all at work.  Each tour takes around an hour.  The tour includes a walk around the school/classrooms, followed by a talk with the headteacher where you will also have the opportunity to ask questions.  

We recommend that you do not bring your child/younger siblings if possible, simply because it allows you to give your full attention to the tour.  That said, we know it can sometimes be difficult to arrange child-care so please do bring them if you need to.  Please note however, that pushchairs cannot be brought into school so babies/toddlers would need to be carried around the site.

Tour dates for applications for September 2025 are shown below and can be booked via the booking form here.

Thursday 19th September 9.30am

Wednesday 25th September 9.30am

Monday 30th September 9.30am

Friday 4th October 9.30am

Tuesday 8th October 10.45am

Monday 14th October 10.45am

Tuesday 22nd October 9.30am

Thursday 24th October 9.30am

Wednesday 6th November 9.30pm

Friday 8th November 9.30am

Monday 11th November 1.30pm

Tuesday 19th November 1.30pm

Monday 25th November 9.30am

Tuesday 7th January 1.30pm

Thursday 9th January 9.30am

Friday Cake and Play / Copse and Play sessions

As well as the school tours, we also offer Cake and Play / Copse and Play sessions for preschoolers most months. 

Cake and Play sessions: generally held in the school hall.  Children have a chance to play in a safe environment whilst parents/carers meet over coffee and cake!

Copse and Play sessions: an opportunity to use our lovely wooded copse area over in the school field.  Note: in wetter weather, this session may be moved indoors or to the school playground.

Dates for upcoming sessions can be found in the attachment below.  Please contact the school office to book yourself on to a session.