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Windlesham Village Infant School

Windlesham Village Infant School

The Local Academy Board and TAMAT

Our Local Academy Board has 9 members and our Deputy Headteacher is “in attendance” at each meeting. We are supported by a Clerk and meet twice in the Autumn term and once in the Spring and Summer term.  

Fundamentally, school improvement is the heart and the purpose of school governance and everything our Governors do is directed at increasing pupil performance and giving the children the best start in their learning careers.

Our Chair of Governors can be contacted on

Members of Our

 Governing Body

Type of Governor


Mrs Ezzard

Headteacher, Staff Governor


Mr Alex Griffiths


Head's Appraisal

Mrs Dawn McDermott-Paine

Vice Chair, Co-Opted Governor

Health & Safety (interim) and Finance Portfolio
Mrs Helen Burrows

Co-Opted Governor

Looked-After Children, Safeguarding Portfolio, Staff & Well-Being

Ms Nicola Cowell

Co-Opted Governor

Child Protection/Safeguarding, Achievement Portfolio, Online Safety

Miss Leggett

Associate Governor


Miss Burton

Staff Governor

Achievement Portfolio




Mr Will Graham

Parent Governor

Curriculum Portfolio
Mrs Slavka Hayden

Parent Governor

Community Portfolio

Terms of Office

Person Start Date End Date
Alex Griffiths 24.06.19 23.06.23
Nicola Cowell 09.12.19 08.02.23

Dawn McDermott-Paine



Will Graham 30.09.21 29.09.25
Helen Burrows 13.09.21 12.09.25
Slavka Hayden 30.09.21 29.09.25

Keighley Burton



We use Governor Portfolios to structure our work each term, so that governors can hold the Senior Leadership team to account using a structured approach to monitoring.  The Portfolio holder meets with governors across the Trust; the termly meeting is chaired by the Trustee who manages the portfolio.  The governor reports back to the Local Academy Board; the Trustee reports back to the Trust Board. 

Our Portfolios are: 





Health & Safety



TAMAT - The Alliance Multi-Academy Trust

In April 2018 we formed The Alliance Multi-Academy Trust, TAMAT, with Connaught Junior School, Crawley Ridge Infant School, Crawley Ridge Junior School and Holy Trinity Primary School.

The Alliance Multi-Academy Trust (TAMAT) brings together local, like-minded schools within collaborative reach to achieve even greater outcomes for every child than would be individually possible. We place learning at the heart of our communities. We pool our resources to deepen and nourish the education of all. We aim to improve the life chances of all our children, by helping them develop wisdom, hope, a sense of community and dignity. Each school’s unique ethos and values, whether secular or faith, are strengths to be celebrated and enrich our Trust. Fundamental to all schools within our alliance is a belief in a child-centred approach to education and a commitment to raising the aspirations, achievements and well-being of every one of our children, our staff and our communities.

Across the Trust, we have begun to share training events, so as to get good value for money when we share quality professional development. All of the schools are using an assessment management tool, so as to track each child’s progress and benchmark that progress with each other. This allows us to share good practice and support each other as we work to ensure that each child makes good progress. This is just one example of many that illustrates how our schools work together.