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Windlesham Village Infant School

Windlesham Village Infant School

What Parents say about us

"Very positive.  My child’s development has been very obvious since arriving."

"The school is lovely and welcoming.  You get a real homely feeling. Everyone we met from day one has been so nice.  For our only child this is a great first school.  Everyone is helpful because this is all so scary and new, even for the parents.This school’s amazing."

"My child seems very happy, is making good progress and I think the teacher is very good.  I am pleased I chose Windlesham Village Infants."

“Both our children have had the most marvellous start to their early education; you have made their time with you utterly joyous and we know they have left you happy, confident and raring to take on their next challenges!”

“They may not remember everything you said but they will remember how special you made them feel.”

“Our child has the fondest of memories of all her teachers.  She has absolutely bloomed at Windlesham Village thanks to the amazing care and support from you all.  We honestly could not have wished for a better school for her!”

“Thank you so much for your hard work this year, we feel lucky to be part of this lovely school.”

"My child has literally never been so happy!!! It is the best thing that’s happened to him! The school, children, parents and staff have all been so wonderful and we really feel like we are part of a community at the school, which is so lovely. He is even showing more compassion, caring and politeness so we can thank the teachers for that!"

"I wish they could stay until they are 18! The care for the children in all aspects of the school is so evident. I have another child at the school and they are both very happy to go to school every day, which is the most important thing to me. Thank you to all the staff who provide such a lovely environment for our children."

"Absolutely the best decision we have made. Had a gut feeling from first visit, but all our hopes for a welcoming and supportive school have been met and exceeded.

"My child enjoys the blend of teaching staff, her whole class seems to get along in a lovely way and we appreciate the approach to learning and can now see why we were so impressed by Yr 1 & Yr 2 work when visiting the school."

"We are very pleased with our choice of school. Our son loves to go to school. He comes back every day and tells how he had a nice time and how he learns new words and numbers through play. He enjoys studying at your school a lot. Importantly all information is provided in advance so that we can always be prepared and participate at least gradually in the life of the school."